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Gold Card Lunches

Daily until 3pm

Lambs Fry & Bacon (GF/DFO) 17
Mushrooms, mash, peas, caramelised onion jus

Seafood Chowder 18
Thick and creamy chowder with fish, mussels, prawns, toast

Fish & Chips (GFO/DF) 17
Battered and fried gurnard, green salad, tartare, tomato sauce, lemon

Roast Pork (GFO/DF) 17
Rolled pork shoulder, crackling, duck fat potatoes, buttered carrots, jus, apple sauce

DF= Dairy free / GF = Gluten Free / GFO = Gluten Free option
Please let your server know of any allergies

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Garlic Bread (GFO) 11
4 pieces of ciabatta smothered in garlic butter

Chicken Skewers (DF) 17

4 Crispy chicken skewers, raspberry chipotle sauce


Pub Basket 24

Fish bites – chicken nuggets – squid rings – spring rolls – chips – sauce

Mussels 17

10 steamed mussels in garlic cream sauce, toasted focaccia


Salmon Bruschetta 17

House smoked salmon, capers, tomato, red onion on focaccia


Baked Brie 17

Brie baked with caramelized onion, tomato, toasted ciabatta


Beetroot Tart 17

Candied beetroot, baby spinach, crumbled fetta encased in a savoury pastry

Loaded Fries 18

Cheese, bacon, sour cream, sweet chilli

Fries (GFO) 11
Aioli & tomato sauce

Pork Belly Bites (DF) 17
Crispy skin pork belly tossed in Korean BBQ sauce (mild spice)

Choose 3 for $42 or 4 for $58

(Excluding Pub Basket)

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Little Bunnies

Includes soda and goody goody gum drop Ice Cream cone

Battered Fish (GFO/DF) 16
Golden battered gurnard and crunchy chippies, tomato sauce

Cheese and Bacon Pizza 16

Tomato base, mozzarella, and bacon bits

Chicken Skewers 16

2 chicken skewers, crunchy chippies, tomato sauce

Mini Cooked 16

Bacon, 2 fried eggs, toast

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White Chocolate & Strawberry Mousse 16

Candy floss Chocolate


Nemesis Cake (gf) 16

Caramel popcorn clusters


Orange & Cinnamon Brûlée 16

Baked vanilla custard with golden caramel toffee top

Sundae’s Choose 1 of the following

no mix & matching 15

- Rocky road - Vanilla ice cream, rocky road, whipped cream

- Strawberry shortcake - Vanilla ice cream, Strawberries, shortbread, whipped cream

- Pixie caramel - Vanilla ice cream, dark chocolate, caramel, whipped cream

Dairy Free Ice Cream available add $2

Liquid Desserts

Espresso Martini 17

Cold Brew Coffee, Kahlua, Vodka, shaken


Snickers 17

Kahlua, Frangelico, baileys, cream


Affogato 12

Ice cream, biscotti, espresso

Add liquor $8 Cointreau – Baileys – Frangelico – Vanilla vodka – Whisky – Kahlua Tea or coffe

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Full Cooked (GFO/DFO) 26

Bacon, sausage, mushrooms, 2 home-made hash browns, 2 free range eggs your way (fried eggs after 3pm), beans, toast


Snack Burger (GFO) 25.5

Grilled beef, bacon, American cheese, greens, pickles, aioli, fries Add extra patty $4


Pulled Pork Burger (GFO-DF) 25.5

BBQ pulled pork, slaw, pickles, fries


Chicken Sandwich (GFO) 25.5

Crispy chicken tenders, guacamole, greens, aioli, focaccia, fries


Seafood Chowder 28

Thick and creamy chowder with fish, mussels, prawns, toast Lamb


Pappardelle Pasta 27

Braised lamb shoulder, mushrooms, onion, spinach, mint pesto


Enchiladas (Vegetarian) 26.5

2 Tortillas exploding with refried beans, mushrooms, onion, cheese baked until golden with green salad


Asian Beef Salad 27

Marinated beef, greens, spring onion, pickled carrot, peanuts crispy noodles, Asian dressing


Superfood Salad (vegan) 25

Sweet potato, cauliflower, edamame beans, almonds, spinach, tomato, raspberry vinaigrette


Fish & Chips (GFO/DF) 29

Battered and fried gurnard, green salad, tartare, tomato sauce, lemon


Lambs Fry & Bacon (GF/DFO) 26

Mushrooms, mash, peas, caramelised onion, jus

Fish of the Day (GFO) 37

Chefs’ creation from locally sourced seasonal produce


Beef Cheek (GFO) 36

Creamy polenta, glazed carrots, edamame beans, port jus


BBQ Pork Ribs (GFO/DF) Half Rack 38

Dry rubbed, smoked, and braised, sweet and spicy BBQ sauce, creamy slaw, fries Full Rack $58


Baked Chicken Breast (GFO) 34

Chicken breast stuffed with cream cheese – mushrooms – cashews, served on duck fat potatoes, sauté edamame beans topped with basil pesto

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Butchers Block

Choose your steak, 2 sides plus a sauce

• Flintstone Ribeye 450gm (GF) 48

• Sirloin 300gm (GF) 41
• Fillet 200gm (GF) 42
• Dry-Aged Steak (Ask staff for today’s selection) POA


Duck fat potatoes - Fries – Mash potato - 2 Fried eggs - Glazed carrots & edamame beans – Green salad


Red wine jus - Mushroom jus - Pepper jus Blue cheese - Smoked garlic & thyme butter


Side fries 6 Duck fat potatoes 8 2 Fried free-range eggs 6 Glazed carrots & edamame beans 8 Mash Potato 7 Side Salad 7

Wine of Choice

Man O War Cabernet Franc $14 – 150 ml serve

DF= Dairy free / DFO = Dairy Free Option / GF = Gluten Free / GFO = Gluten Free option

Please let your server know of any allergies.
Vegan – Please chat to your server for alternative options.

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