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Bar Snacks Menu

Fried Chicken 19

Crispy buttermilk fried chicken breast, mesclun and a ranch sauce.


Pork Belly Bites 19

Crispy skinned pork pieces tossed in a Korean BBQ sauce, garnished with

mesclun and sesame seeds.


Loaded Fries 19

Golden agria fries, topped with bacon, sweet chilli, mozzarella and sour cream.


Fried Mac & Cheese 19

Crispy bites of mac & cheese served on house made tomato chutney


Sausage Rolls 19

Chefs secret recipe sausage rolls baked until golden and crispy.
Served with tomato sauce


Fries 10

Golden agria fries with aioli and tomato sauce.

The Flaming Rabbit Platter 47

House made pate, locally made salami, cheeses, crispy pork belly bites, pickles, vegetables, nuts and fruit. Served with bread, dips and crackers

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