Across the dry grassland plain toward Lincoln they sped, rabbits who’d left their run too late, on a withering Wednesday in February 1932. Searing nor’ wester at their tail, spreading fire as they fled.

The fire was rapid, the area vast. It was a close run thing but all pitched in,

from sale yard, college, farm and town the locals rallied, torn limb of pine, shovel and wet sack in hand.

A lull in the wind sure helped, but hard work won the day and when the fire was finally beaten it was roundly said,“that cold beer had  never tasted so good.”


Monday to Friday
11.30am till late

Saturday and Sunday

10 am till late

Covid 19 Vaccination Notice

Flaming Rabbit Family and Friends.


For the past 20 months we have been forced to make many new and difficult decisions in our lives and businesses and It has been mentally challenging, But we have all adapted to a new way of living, holidaying and supporting local business.


This Friday the 3rd of December 2021 we start the new guidelines.


With the new government guidelines  we will require all customers over 12 years of age  entering the flaming rabbit to have proof of vaccination, either paper form or on a device.


For the first couple of weeks we will have one entrance and exit, this will be through our main entrance door, this will be in place until all the staff are comfortable to manage and have a good understanding of the new guidelines. We do apologize if there issues but please do respect the staff.


See you all soon or on the FLIP side.



Where along with good food and cheer; we hope you’ll agree

the beer still tastes just as grand!