Gold Card Lunches

Daily until 3pm

Lambs Fry & Bacon (GF/DFO) 16
Mushrooms, garlic mash, peas, caramelised onion Jus

Seafood Chowder 16.5
Salmon, mussels, prawn, white fish, toast

Blue Cod & Chips (GFO/DF) 17
Green salad, tartare, tomato sauce, lemon

Calamari (GFO/DFO) 15

Lemon garlic calamari, salad, chips

DF= Dairy free / GF = Gluten Free / GFO = Gluten Free option
Please let your server know of any allergies


Daily until 3pm

Waffles 21.5
Bacon, maple syrup, berries

Omelette (GFO/DFO) 20.5
Mushrooms, tomato, cheese, tomato relish

Full Cooked (GFO) 23
Bacon, sausage, mushrooms, tomato, home-made hash browns,
free range eggs your way, toast

Benedict (GFO)
Poached free range eggs, spinach, hollandaise, ciabatta

with salmon 23
with bacon 22
with mushrooms 22

Mini Cooked (GFO/DFO) 12
Bacon, free range eggs your way, toast

Toast 2 • Bacon 6 • Two free range eggs 6
Sausage’s (GF) 6 • Hollandaise 2
Home-made hash browns 6 • Mushrooms 6 • Salmon 6

DF= Dairy free / GF = Gluten Free / GFO = Gluten Free option
Please let your server know of any allergies

Light Meals

Monday to Sunday – 11.30am till late

Lambs Fry & Bacon (GF) 22
Mushrooms, garlic mash, caramelised onion jus

Seafood Chowder 22
Salmon, mussels, prawn, white fish, toast

Vege Burger (GFO/DF) 23.5

Pumpkin rosti, mushrooms, caramelised onion, spinach, fries

BBQ Pulled Pork Burger (GFO/DF) 23.5
Pickles, slaw, fries

Double Beef and Cheese Burger (GFO) 24.5
Double beef, double cheese, greens, american mustard, fries

Lamb Pappardelle 23.5
Slow roast lamb shoulder, mushrooms, onion, spinach, mint and garlic pesto

Risotto 23
Pumpkin, smoked cheese, pea pesto

Chicken Salad (GFO/DFO) 23.5
Cherry tomato, cow's feta, chargrilled broccoli, greens, citrus dressing

Salmon Salad (DFO) 23.5
Smoked salmon, spinach, pickled vegetables, black sesame, ginger & soy dressing

Meaty Pizza (GFO + $2) 24
Tomato sauce chorizo, bacon, salami, mozzarella

Salmon Pizza (GFO + $2) 24
Pesto base, pine nuts, bocconcini, red onion, mozzarella

Margherita Pizza (GFO + $2) 24

Tomato sauce, tomato, pesto, bocconcini, mozzarella

Blue Cod & Chips (GFO/DF) 32
Green salad, tartare, tomato sauce, lemon


Strawberry and Vanilla Pot (GFO) 12.5
Praline, shortbread

Chocolate Bowl 12.5
Chocolate bowl, chocolate pudding, ice cream

Salted Caramel and Peanut Butter Cheesecake 12.5
Ice cream

Coconut and Lime Pie 12.5
Lemon sorbet

Sorbet (GF/DF) 9

Ask for today's flavour

Sundae (GF) 8.5
Your choice of Chocolate, salted caramel or strawberry
topped with chopped nuts and whipped cream

Affogato 7.5
With liqueur 14.5


Garlic Bread (GFO) 10

Blue Cheese Polenta Beignet 16
Horseradish yoghurt

Flaming Platter (GFO) (for 2) 38.5
Salami, chorizo, cold smoked salmon, cheese, pickles, pate, crackers, and dips

Fried Chicken (GFO) 18
Marinated chicken thigh, Alabama white sauce, pickles

Pork Belly (GFO) 16
Chili caramel sauce, peanuts

Chicken Liver Patè (GFO) 16
Onion marmalade, crackers

House Smoked Salmon Bruschetta (GFO/DF) 16
Toasted ciabatta, dill, caper Mayonnaise

Calamari (GFO/DFO) 16
Lemon, garlic, chili salt, smoked tomato sauce

Loaded Fries 16.5
Cheese, bacon, sweet chili, sour cream

Fries (GFO) 10


Monday to Sunday – 11.30am till late

Fish of the Day 35
See staff for today’s special

St Louis Ribs (GF/DF) 34.5
Dry rubbed and smoked, BBQ sauce, fries, slaw

Pork Belly (GF/DFO) 31

Pumpkin and green onion rosti, green beans, caramelised apple, jus

Beef Cheek (GF) 32

Sweet potato puree, broccolini, port jus

Butchers Block

Choose your steak, 2 sides plus a sauce

Flintstone Ribeye 400gm (GF) 40
Fillet 200gm (GF) 39.5
Dry-Aged Steak (Ask staff for today’s selection) POA


Duck fat potatoes - Fries - Mashed potato & gravy - Seasonal vegetables - Green salad – 2 fried free range eggs


Red wine jus - Mushroom jus - Smoked garlic & thyme butter - Pepper jus


Side Fries 4.5 • Duck Fat Potatoes 6 • 2 Fried free-range Eggs 6 Seasonal Vegetables 6  Side Salad 6 • Potato Gratin 5 • Green Beans 6

Little Bunnies

Small soda and sundae inclusive

Fish and Chips w salad 14

Fried Chicken and Chips w salad 14

Cheese and Bacon Pizza 14

BBQ Pulled Pork Burger and Chips (GFO/DF) 14

Bacon and Cheese Carbonara 14

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